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  • Corporate Catering

    With Corporate Catering by Emery’s Catering, the business event can take on new meaning. Every Corporate lunch catering event can be a memorable occasion. In addition to a delicious corporate catering menu prepared to perfection, Emery’s Catering can meet all the needs of the corporate catering meal. Most audio-visual equipment is available for your needs and if time is an issue, quick-time service techniques can be utilized to make the event fit your needs.

    Corporate Catering for:

    • Pharmaceutical Reps
    • Law Firms
    • Departmental Meetings
    • Accounting Firms
    • Company Meetings
    • Brokerage Firms
    • Administrative Professionals
    • Software Companies
    • Client Meetings
    • Venture Capital Companies
    • Meeting Planners
    • Strategy Meetings


    Emery’s fills the void left by traditional Corporate Caterers in the marketplace. That's because we're not just a caterers looking for corporate business, we're business specialists who understand the menus, the schedules, the budgets and the flexibility that is required for businesses by their Corporate Catering Service.